Nainowale Ne

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Love, love, love this song from the movie Padmaavat so decided to do a cover on it. I really enjoyed singing this song too…one of those sweet songs that I had been humming along for a few months now. Hope you enjoy it as well! 🙂

Practice session

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Sharing with you all one of my recent practice sessions of the song, Entha Nerchina. This is a popular Thyagaraja composition in raga Udayaravichandrika also many times known as Shuddha Dhanyasi.

Hope you enjoy!

Passing the buck!

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Happy Spring everyone!!

Spring brings with it beautiful colorful flowers, new leaves on bare trees, birds,  butterflies and a brightness to life. It is a reminder of the constant creations that is happening around us.

As far as Spring and music go, music is very much in the air in the form of chirping birds to dancing trees to swaying leaves.

Our Spring very much started with our two little busy bees and this song we learned…It is a rare Purandara Dasara kriti taught to me by my father which I have taught my kids…passing the buck from one generation to the next. 🙂

Presenting Baruvaga Yenu Tandi performed at a recent Purandara Dasara program. Hope you enjoy!

Tuluvere Gowji

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This was a fun little project that happened this weekend…it being my very first time singing a Tulu song, it was a little challenging getting the words down right but I enjoyed the process of it. What was even more fun was having my kiddos be part of it. I thank my father for having played the flute for me. Flute is not his primary instrument. Violin is. Flute is something he picked up while studying at IIT Delhi. My grand parents didn’t allow him to take his violin to college as they were afraid he would not focus on his academics and would only be playing his violin. He fixed that little hurdle by buying a flute while at college. Where there is a will…..! 😊And that’s how he picked up playing flute on his own.

Hope you enjoy our little tuluvere weekend venture!


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Jagadhodharana Aadisidalu Yeshoda is a beautiful and a very famous composition in Kapi Raga by Purandara Dasa. Kapi raga, also known as Rag Pilu in Hindustani music, is a gorgeous melody that fills your heart with compassion and devotion. That is the essence of Kapi raga.

In Carnatic music, Kapi raga is known to be derived by the 22nd Melakarta raga, Karaharapriya. Typically the melodic scale or the arohanam (ascending scale) goes: S R2 M1 P N3 S and Avarohanam (descending scale) goes: S N2 D2 N2 P M1 G2 R2 S. This raga is a bhashanga raga, meaning in addition to the notes in the given scale, it can also have D1 or G3 to add to the beauty of the raga.

Hope you enjoy!







New Year, New Day!

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Happy 2018!!!

Wishing my SoulFam a very happy, bright and a blessed 2018! I thank you for all the love and encouragement in my musical journey!!

This year starts out with a song to Lord Shiva that I sung recently at a Saraswati Pooja. It is in Raga Madhyamavati set to Adi tala, and is a composition in Kannada by Purandara Dasa.

I hope you enjoy…lots of love and best wishes for the New Year! #soulfam #soulfulchirps

Love and Cheers, Archana





Jiya Re

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Happy Navaratri everyone!

Navaratri is a beautiful Indian festival to honor and celebrate the divine female energy in all her manifestations and forms. The beauty of this festival is it is nine days of celebrating women essentially. Wish everyone the strength to make the journey within and to get to know, love and embrace all of you in all your heartaches and glory for that is truly the journey we all are on.

My latest project has been a special one and will remain near and dear to me always since it is my very first project with my daughter, Siri. We were listening to this track, Jiya Re, on our way back from school one day and Siri got really excited by it and said, we should sing this song together. First, I was delighted. I loved her enthusiasm and her idea. What followed was fear and doubt of doing something I had never done before. I got overwhelmed by how I was going to bring this creative idea of hers to life. The only way I managed through my fears was by diving right into it. Thus began our Jiya Re journey. Somehow little by little and after many do’s and re-do’s, things started to shape up. Hope you like our little venture!