My Dear Mom – Nanna Muddu Taayi

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Here is a song written and composed by my dad, Sadashiva Bhat, for his mom titled “My Dear Mom” in Kannada. I love this song and have heard my dad sing this since I was a little kid so it holds a very special place in my heart. This song has a picture of my Ajji (grandma) in it. My dad wrote and composed this piece 49 years ago that my Ajji loved very much also and would often ask him to sing it for her. This is my tribute to both my parents for giving me the gift of music!

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Welcome to Soulful Chirps!!!

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Why Soulful Chirps? 

I have had a little voice in my head telling me to start a music blog for quite some time. After thinking about it for a good long while and after bugging my bestie/hubby about what he thinks about my idea, should I, shouldn’t I, inspite of all the self doubt, and after conjuring much strength from within, I decided to trust my gut and start on this venture. This is me taking my very first baby step.

Then came the blog name…I think to myself, wow, this is really happening…I am really doing this. I sit with my pen and paper and let the creative juices flow. I start to jot down all words that would describe me, what I envision for this blog and my list keeps growing…nothing seems to click. Till a song in my head pops, Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens…and I start writing down words from that song that I love so very much. Being a chirpy song that truly resonates with me and touches my heart and soul, it brings a smile to my face every time and surely enough I was smiling inside…thus came alive ‘Soulful Chirps’.

My vision for this blog is to inspire, be inspired, grow and connect through music.

Yours Truly!