Tribute to a Legend 

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Here is my tribute to a great legend…Dr. M. Balamurali Krishna. Ever since I can remember, his voice and music would play in our home. My dad being among one of his great admirers, I too developed great fondness for his music. His mesmerizing and commanding voice had me under his spell ever since a child. Although I never attended any of his concerts that I can recollect, his musical presence has forever been in my life. I am truly grateful for all the musical genius he has left behind for music lovers to enjoy. Just recently, I had decided to learn one of his very famous Thillanas in Raga Brindavani Sarang. As you can imagine, daring to even try singing one of his Thillanas took courage. Attempting to learn it was literally facing my fears head on especially when I didn’t think I could do it. I decided to put my fears aside and give it my best try. Here’s my humble attempt at singing one of this Maestro’s Thillanas. With great reverence presenting Dr. M.Balamurali Krishna’s Brindavani Thillana.



Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

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This song Moh Moh Ke Dhaage is based on Rag Mishra Yaman in Hindustani and resembles Raga Lathaangi in Carnatic music system. It is composed so beautifully by Anu Malik. It is from the movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha. Apart from loving the film, this song introduced me to the singer Monali Thakur. What a beautiful singer! I love the quality and sweetness of her voice. So, here’s my version of Moh Moh Ke Dhaage for you.


Sawaar Loon

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Here’s a beautiful melody that I fell in love with from the movie Lootera. I love the old class era feel of this Hindi song. It’s simply a gorgeous song! Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy this lovely romantic song! 😉 Without much further ado, here’s Sawaar Loon!

Kareyole – RangiTaranga

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The turn out of this project makes me super happy and proud. This song was quite a tongue twister and so much fun to sing. Kudos to the creators of this catchy song! Happy Listening! 🙂




Beauty of the Creative Arts

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This is a gorgeous melody. It touched my heart, the second I heard it for the first time a little over a decade ago. Everything about it is in perfect harmony. The music, the melody, the rendition, the picturization of the song, the actors in the song, all just cooked to perfection. As I am working with background tracks and blending music with my voice at a very miniature scale, I have a greater appreciation for the amount of work that goes into the creative process of producing a music album out of thin air. From writing of the lyrics to composing to singing to mixing, everything takes so much precision and effort from so many people in creating magic that lasts with us for so long.

Presenting to you, Piyu Bole from the movie Parineeta.


Love and Light

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Kannada being my native language, I love singing Kannada songs. I recently came across this song in my collection that I hadn’t sung in a long time. I decided to start this year’s blogging with a beautiful Kannada folk tune on love. How appropriate I thought to start the year on a love note. This song expresses love is beyond all things and to light the world with your love. Presenting to you, Mallige Hoovyaka. Wish you all a year filled with love and light all around!

Take Two

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As I was singing this song Eesha Paahimam on stage recently, I was full fledge in the middle of the song while I saw a few kids running around, the next thing I know I am mumbling and jumbling up on the lyrics of the song that I thought I had gotten down. I instinctively close my eyes to regain my focus. I keep my eyes closed till the remainder of the song, and I get through my song without any more bloopers.

Lessons learned:
1. Know your stuff well. In the case of singing, learn the lyrics of your song up really good because when it comes to singing on stage, there can be a million distractions.
2. Inspite of the practice, if you mess up, it happens. Go with the flow and finish what you started, don’t be too hard on yourself. There’s always next time to learn from your mistakes, improve and grow.
3. Just have fun with it and embrace the process, screw ups and all!

Since my version of this song on stage had a few bloopers and I wasn’t fully happy with it…I did a take two on this later. This song, Eesha Paahimam is in raaga Kalyani.

Raaga or raag as it is also referred to in Indian classical music is a melody of the song. Raaga gives the song a certain flavor and creates a certain mood. Kalyani raaga is said to have a very auspicious tone to it. Have you ever noticed how certain tunes make you feel a certain way? Or you may want to hear certain types of songs at different times. There maybe times when you want to dance your heart out to an upbeat song while other times you just want to be in a sober state listening to a more down to earth melody. That is really what raagas do in Indian music….it creates the mood. What mood does this song create for you?