Practice session

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Sharing with you all one of my recent practice sessions of the song, Entha Nerchina. This is a popular Thyagaraja composition in raga Udayaravichandrika also many times known as Shuddha Dhanyasi.

Hope you enjoy!


Passing the buck!

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Happy Spring everyone!!

Spring brings with it beautiful colorful flowers, new leaves on bare trees, birds,  butterflies and a brightness to life. It is a reminder of the constant creations that is happening around us.

As far as Spring and music go, music is very much in the air in the form of chirping birds to dancing trees to swaying leaves.

Our Spring very much started with our two little busy bees and this song we learned…It is a rare Purandara Dasara kriti taught to me by my father which I have taught my kids…passing the buck from one generation to the next. 🙂

Presenting Baruvaga Yenu Tandi performed at a recent Purandara Dasara program. Hope you enjoy!


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I had fun singing this melody from the recent movie Dangal. It has a light hearted and fun feel to the song. The lyrics is very poetic. It is about a girl who has moved to a big city away from her family for the first time. It expresses her playfulness, her innocence of the unknown, her excitement of experiencing life in all its crazy flavors.

Presenting Gilehriyaan…hope you enjoy! 🙂